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LLC SPE Lithologia provides for loading: covered wagons, gondola cars, platforms.

Covered wagons

Open Company NPP Lithologia gives under loading of cars from 120 cubic, 122 cubic, 138 cubic, 158 cubic (from 120 cubic to 161 cubic), load-carrying capacity from 66 tons to 68 tons. Covered cars are interesting for consignors and cargo owners that in them it is possible to carry cargoes demanding protection against atmospheric precipitation, to such cargoes concern: sugar, flour, oil, canned food, vegetables, building materials, heat-insulating materials, etc...

Half wagons

Half wagons are the most common type of wagons. Such wagons are mainly used for transportation of bulk goods such as coal, crushed stone, sand, ore, etc. Gondola cars of the following models are available for loading: 12-132, 12-1293, 12-1302, 12-783, 12-9766, etc. Also metal and lumber can be transported in these wagons. The body volume of gondola cars is measured from 76 cub. to 88 cub. and load-carrying capacity is 70 tons.

The platform

Open type freight wagon designed for the carriage of long goods, unit loads, containers and equipment that do not require protection from atmospheric influences. For example: yacht, mine excavators, military equipment and so on.

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